Since 1991, Roff Equipment has been used in milling, stock feed production, cleaning and sifting of various products, all over Sub-Sahara. Using our client's feedback, we constantly develop and refine our products to be easier to operate and maintain, while remaining robust and dependable. 

roff screw conveyors

Screw Conveyors

The screw conveyor is widely used to convey granular or powdery products at various angles from horizontal up to 60-degrees and is the most cost-effective and simple way to conveying bulk goods.

Roff Grain Crushers

Grain Crushers

ROFF’s crushers are the ideal machines for cracking and crushing hard grains into variable grit sizes. The machines are compact and easy to operate which makes it ideal for use in stock feed, plants and larger diaries, piggeries and feedlots.Crushers

Roff Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Roff Bucket Elevators come in various lengths and offer an efficient way to vertically convey large quantities of bulk goods. 

Roff Pre-Cleaners


Roff Pre-Cleaners and Rubble cleaners are used on various grains. Perforated plate screens for durability. Aspiration increases the quality of the cleaned product.

Roff Conditioning Conveyor

Conditioning Conveyor

The Conditioning Conveyor is used to add moisture to grain before determination as part of the miiling procress. It consists of a rotary shaft with mixing paddles.

Roff Hammer Mills

Hammer Mills

ROFF’s Hammer Mills are the ideal for cutting hard grains and Lucerne into smaller sizes. Compact, fast to install and easy to use and include quick swop-out screens for different particle sizes and applications, available with electric and petrol motors.


Mono Sifter

Mono Sifters (mini sifter) can separate products in the milling process and general sieving applications such as tea and spice. Stacks of mesh covered screens separate the product.

Roff Degerminator


Degerminators is used for detaching bran and germ from the endosperm in maize. These machines are best suited to milling operations that deliver super refined maize meal and brewer’s grits.



The Micro Feeder is the ideal machine for accurately feeding small capacity dry products such as vitamins in meal. This unique machine consists of an inlet hopper, a feeder as well as measuring wheel. The feeder can be installed in tandem to feed various micro ingredients used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Roff Storage Bins

Storage Bins

The Roff Bins are used for the packaging and storage of grain or final products. The bins are ideal for use in small milling operations as a flow control bin or as a packing bin.


ROFF’s Horizontal Batch Mixers are the ideal machines for product mixing. The lifting, scooping and crisscross paddle mixing results in a homogeneous end mix. These machines are compact, fast to install and easy to use.Mixers


G6 Turbo Sifter - Samp and Grit Polisher

The G6 is the ideal machine to separate two products in the milling process where a large capacity is required and is used in milling operations as a grit and samp polisher or as a turbo sifter.


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