Mono Sifter 800 | 4 ton/hour Maize Grits

  • Up to 4 ton/hour maize grits throughput rate
  • Self-Cleaning sieves
  • 8 screens @ 650x710mm Screen Surface



    The Roff 800 Mono Sifter can separate up to three products in the milling process where a large capacity is required. This machine consists of eight sieving frames and the stack can be configured to achieve various product flows.

    Use it to increase sifting passages in existing milling operations and general sieving applications such as tea and spices.

    • Low power consumption - 1.5kW 380 WEG Motor
    • Interchangeable screens for various applications
    • Compact and easy to operate
    • Dust-free sealed unit
    • Minimum maintenance required
    • 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty

    Performance Data (Maize):

    Up to 4000kg/hour

    Shipping Info:
    1600mm x 1600mm x 2700mm (LxWxH)

    *The motor warranty is covered by its local supplier

    Alias: Roff Mini Sifter/ Mono Sifter

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    Product brochure

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