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The modular system developed by JACOB features over 8 000 standard articles alone and combines versatile options for custom designs with simple assembly. Distributed by Roff Industries, JACOB pipework systems offer tailored results for any challenge.

The Jacob collection

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Pipe clamps for wall mounting | 120 diameter | Galvanized
Push in pipes | 120 diameter | 0.5m lenght | 1.5mm thick | Powder coated
Spouts from square to round | 250 diameter | 1.5mm thick | Powder coated

More about JACOB products

  • Modular pipework system with over 8 000 standard parts
  • Welded, lipped pipes and moulded components
  • Steel: powder-coated, galvanised or stainless
  • 60 - 1600mm diameter in the standard range
  • 1 to 3 mm wall thickness
  • Connection: pull ring, loose flange or welded-on flange
  • Shock-explosion proof piping available
  • FOOD GRADE line
  • Up to 400mm diameter usually available directly from stock

  • Pull-ring system from JACOB

    Modular pipework systems from JACOB

    Jacob Pipework Dust Extraction Ducting

    Dust Extraction & Exhaust Air

    Environmental engineering - JACOB pipework systems can be used for dust aspiration and extraction, for example of oil mist or welding gases in production systems in a wide variety of industries.

    Bulk Material Handling

    Conveying pipe systems - JACOB conveying pipe systems are used in a wide variety of industries for handling bulk materials or conveying products in downpipe systems.

    Low pressure conveying

    Product and air conveying - JACOB pipework systems can also be used to convey and extract products in low-pressure applications.

    • Conveyor lines or extraction, for example of polystyrene, tobacco, wood shavings, plastics as powder or granulate, as well as plastic or electronic waste in recycling facilities

    • Air conveying for air-conditioning, cooling and exhaustAir conveying for air-conditioning, cooling and exhaust

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