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Roff is renowned in the industry for our 30+ years of experience in constructing exceptional commercial maize mills. We also however excel in manufacturing high-quality mills tailored for other crops including wheat, cassava, and specialty crops like rosehip. Our mills are designed to be robust, easy to maintain, and suitable for African conditions. Roff mills are acclaimed for exceptional extraction rates, a critical factor for profitability in any milling operations.

Commercial Maize Mills

Commercial mills produce packaged maize meal which is sold in shops and supermarkets, either locally, distributed to other areas, or exported.

A table comparing the facets of 4 products
Roff SP-1 Edge 1 Ton Per hour Maize Mill
SP-1 Maize Mill - 650kg to 1 ton/hour
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R-40 Maize-Mill 2 to 3 ton per hour
R-40 Maize Mill - 2 to 3 ton/hour
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Roff R-70 Maize Mill
R-70 Maize Mill - 4 to 5 ton/hour
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Roff C-80 Maize Mill
C-80 Maize Mill - 5 ton/hour
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Price range
Price range
From ZAR 679,000.00
From ZAR 3,914,00.00
From ZAR 6,000,000.00
From ZAR 15,500,000.00
Capacity in ton/hour
Capacity in ton/hour
650kg to 1 ton
2 to 3 ton
4 to 5 ton
5 ton
Footprint in Square Metre
Footprint in Square Metre
140 m
135 m
126 m
200 m

Specially designed for start-ups by Roff Milling, the SP-1 Maize Mill can be installed quickly and easily, requires minimal training to operate and low start-up cost to produce high-quality maize meal. It is made expressly for small to medium mill operations, small farming communities and entrepreneurs in Africa who won’t compromise on reliability or quality.

The SP-1 includes all the essential features and steps required to easily produce high-quality maize meal for ultimate profitability. You can produce high-quality, packed maize meal in four steps, namely cleaning, conditioning, degermination (optional) and milling. 

With the R-40 Maize Mill you can obtain the same best-in-class extraction rates delivered by the R-70 and C-80 mills. We’ve designed the R-40 for the entrepreneur who needs a streamlined, profitable and reliable mill based on proven technology.

Think compact, efficient design housed in multi-story frames featuring dust extraction and an offal collection line, and a milling capacity that will enable you to achieve success.

The R-70 - a compact, all-in-one maize mill is a true reflection of Roff’s commitment to building simple, high-quality milling machines that are a cut above the rest.

It’s perfect for the entrepreneur planning to enter the maize meal market with a milling capacity of up to 120 tons of maize per day.

Roff’s C-80 Maize Mill enables you to produce 5 tons of maize meal per hour. Sophisticated computer systems allow you to monitor and review capacity and extraction rates in real-time, and adjust settings as needed. Complete control means less downtime, more productivity, and more profits. The C-80 is also versatile, capable of producing two grades of maize meal, or it can be used as a grit plant.

More than just maize mills

  • Wheat

    Wheat and barley mills

    Commercial wheat mills are equipped to process wheat grains into various flour products on a large scale. These mills typically employ advanced machinery and technology to efficiently clean, grind, and sift wheat kernels, resulting in different grades of flour such as all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, and specialty flours.

  • Cassava

    Cassava mills

    Commercial cassava mills process cassava roots into various products such as cassava flour, starch, and other derivatives on a large scale.

  • Rooibos

    Specialist mills

    Are you in need of specialized milling solutions tailored to your unique requirements? Look no further than Roff Milling. With decades of experience in the milling industry, we understand the diverse needs of our clients across various sectors. Contact us today to discuss your specific milling needs and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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What our clients say

The product that we are getting out of the R-70 is a phenomenal product that speaks for itself. We are competing with products made with European machinery and our customers are still buying our product. The R-70 is a winner in our book – we started off with one, today we own five of these machines.

Zakariya Chiboo

Owner: Yarona Milling, North-West Province, South Africa

Zakariya Chiboo

The Roff machine is what gives us an edge in the market. It gives us exactly what the customer wants.

Evans Killy

Owner, Buffalo Millers, Eldoret, Kenya

Evans Killy

We chose a company close enough to us so that we could do research and development work together. We recognise Roff as a strategic partner that supplies the high quality equipment, support and R&D work whenever we want to do something new. It’s a successful partnership in our opinion.

Awie Griesel

Managing Director: Cereal & Malt, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Awie Griesel

I bought the Roff R-70 Mill because of Roff’s trusted reputation in the industry. When you buy a mill, you can import one which is risky, so I decided to rather choose a local company with the view of building a longstanding relationship with them.

Chris Rossouw

Rossgro Milling, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Chris Rossouw
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