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  • Over 30 years' experience

    Roff Milling has extensive knowledge and understanding of the African maize milling industry.

  • Class-leading extraction rates

    and profits you can count on. Higher yields and greater efficiency, ultimately translating into increased profits for your business.

  • Reliable support

    Our dedicated team provides expert guidance, servicing, and support throughout your milling journey.

  • Built in Africa, for Africa

    Roff mills are manufactured in Africa to withstand unique African conditions, offering durability, simplicity in operation, and ease of maintenance.

  • Innovation and technology

    Stay ahead with the latest milling innovations, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and product quality.

Mills made for milling in Africa

Welcome to Roff Milling. We have over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality maize mills tailored for African conditions. Our mills boast exceptional extraction rates, a crucial factor for milling entrepreneurs as it directly impacts profitability.

Maize is a staple crop in sub-Saharan Africa, and provides sustenance to millions of people across the region. Due to Africa’s growing population and increasing urbanisation, the demand for maize products is on the rise – presenting a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to enter the maize milling industry on the African continent. Investing in a maize milling plant not only makes business sense, but also makes a vital contribution to food security and job creation in communities. Explore our range of maize milling solutions for both commercial and community millers.

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What our clients say

I bought the Roff R-70 Mill because of Roff’s trusted reputation in the industry. When you buy a mill, you can import one which is risky, so I decided to rather choose a local company with the view of building a longstanding relationship with them.

Chris Rossouw

Rossgro Milling, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Chris Rossouw

The Roff machine is what gives us an edge in the market. It gives us exactly what the customer wants.

Evans Killy

Owner, Buffalo Millers, Eldoret, Kenya

Evans Killy

We chose a company close enough to us so that we could do research and development work together. We recognise Roff as a strategic partner that supplies the high quality equipment, support and R&D work whenever we want to do something new. It’s a successful partnership in our opinion.

Awie Griesel

Managing Director: Cereal & Malt, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Awie Griesel

The product that we are getting out of the R-70 is a phenomenal product that speaks for itself. We are competing with products made with European machinery and our customers are still buying our product. The R-70 is a winner in our book – we started off with one, today we own five of these machines.

Zakariya Chiboo

Owner: Yarona Milling, North-West Province, South Africa

Zakariya Chiboo
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