MK6D Maize Roller Mill | 1000kg/hour

Roff MillingSKU: MIL M6D 000 021

  • 1000kg/hour Maize milling produces High-Quality Sifted Maize Meal
  • 6 Screens increases extraction and quality
  • Hopper with product spreader

Panel: Without Control Panel


If durability and productivity are at the top of your list, the compact MK 6D is a solid option. It’s built for producing refined maize meal at a high output level and is easy to operate. For increased production, up to four MK 6D mills can be installed in tandem, and this process can also run in conjunction with a Degerminator to produce super refined maize meal. Bran is separated from the meal in three stages to ensure a fine white end product. When only the best quality maize meal will do in a larger mill setting, choose the MK 6D.

  • Grain Hopper
  • Rollers can be sharpened when blunt
  • Light and durable stainless steel screens in aluminium frames
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low noise and dust levels
  • 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty*


  • Hopper with product spreader
  • WEG Motors 380V:
    • 2 x 7.5kW
    • 2 x 5.5kW
    • 1 x 0.37kW
  • Rollers x 8 @ 419 x 190mm
  • Roller Adjustment Spanner

Performance Data (Maize):

The maize mill can mill 650kg/hour
% Flour < 777 Micron - 82 - 85% maize meal extraction

Shipping Info:

2900mm x 1100mm x 1660mm (LxWxH) - Crate 1
2900mm x 1100mm x 2200mm (LxWxH) - Crate 2

* - The motor warranty is covered by its local supplier

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Product brochure

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