Selis Fortimus Roller Mill

Selis Fortimus Roller Mill

Roller Mills are used for crushing or grinding grains, including maize and wheat in food and feed production.

The cylindrical rolls between 1000mm and 1500mm have greater capacity so is mainly used in larger processing plants like the Roff C-80 Maize and Grits Mill and can be integrated into a PLC system to automate and gather real-time performance and maintenance data.

The processed materials are collected below the mill using pneumatic conveying.


Selis Fortimus Roller Mill used in Roff C-80 Maize Mill


  • 4 Automation options
  • Low power consumption
  • Insulated upper body
  • 250mm or 300mm Diameter rolls
  • Two level belt stretching systems prolongs belt life  
  • Designed for safe and simple maintenance:
    • Change rolls in 15 minutes using a cylinder pack;
    • Lubrication while in operation;
    • Slide-out feed roll provides for cleaning;
  • Low noise levels and power consumption

Technical Data


    Depending on the application
  • Motor

    Not included, variable by application

  • Control Unit Options

    Full automatic PLC
Selis Fortimus Roller Mill Brochure


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