Hammer Mill 100 | 1500 kg/hour

Roff MillingSKU: HAM 100 000 003

Compact, fast to install and easy to use | Lucerne hopper included | Interchangeable screens: 2mm, 10mm, 16mm and 25.4mm

Motor: 5.5kW Electric 380V
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Roff’s Agri-focused 100 series Hammer Mills are ideal for cutting hard grains and lucerne into smaller sizes. These machines are compact, fast to install and easy to use.

The Hammer Mill 100 is ideal for small size dairies, piggeries, livestock and horse farms.

  • Motor Options : WEG 5.5kW 380V Motor / Honda 6.3kW Petrol
  • Lucerne hopper included. Optional Grain hopper
  • Interchangeable screens enable the manufacturing of variable product sizes
  • Included screens - 2mm, 10mm, 16mm and 25.4mm
  • Durable 4mm mild steel casing and screens
  • Domex 5mm blades/hammers
  • Blades can be rotated to utilize all four cutting edges and replaced when blunt
  • 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty*

Performance Data:

Electric Motor

2mm - 320kg/h
3mm - 420kg/h
5mm - 750kg/h
10mm - 1400kg/h

25mm - 950kg/h

Petrol Motor

2mm - 400kg/h
3mm - 525kg/h
5mm - 800kg/h
10mm - 1500kg/h

25mm - 950kg/h

Shipping Info:
186kg (Electric) / 164kg (Petrol) (packaging included)
900mm x 900mm x 1550mm (LxWxH) - carton box on 1-way pallet

* - The motor/engine warranty is covered by its local supplier

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