Harvesting maize

SAFEX: A maize miller's guide to managing raw material risk

Risk management Thys Claassens
Introduction Discover the power of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) in managing raw material risks for maize millers. This blog post delv...
Managing risk in maize milling

Risk Management in Maize Milling

Business in Africa Charl Marais
Every industry has certain risks that have to be managed in order for the business to succeed and be profitable. In this blog, Charl Marais, Managi...

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Here we explore topics and tips related to maize production, maize milling, entrepreneurship, the marketing of maize meal and many more. Let’s unlock the world of maize milling for you – happy reading!

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Roff Hammer Mill 100 Electric 5.5kWRoff Hammer Mill 100 Electric 5.5kW rear
Roff Milling Hammer Mill 100 | 1500 kg/hourCompact, fast to install and easy to use | Lucerne hopper included | Interchangeable screens: 2mm, 10mm, 16mm and 25.4mm
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R-40 Maize-Mill 2 to  3 ton per hour FrontR-40 Maize-Mill 2 to  3 ton per hour Side
Roff Milling R-40 Maize Mill - 2 to 3 ton/hour
  • Extraction Rate: 69 up to 85%
  • Leadtime: 4 to 6 months
  • Compact
  • Switch between end-product

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