Saving you time and money: The R-70's quick installation

When it comes to starting or expanding a business, we all know that time is money. In other words, the less time you need for your business start-up, the sooner you can begin making a profit.

There are many expenses when setting up a maize milling business, such as location costs, utilities and advertising. Considering this, you will want to spend as little time on the installation of your milling machine as possible so that you can start milling sooner.

That is why the quick installation of Roff's R-70 is not only the solution to your start-up costs but also your dream to expand.

With the upgradeable R-70, your maize milling business will be operational in less than four weeks after delivery of your mill.

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The 6.8-meter-high R-70 is a compact and easily installed milling machine with a footprint of 126 square meters. You don’t need an expensive multi-level structure, as our products fit into most warehouses.

Designed with two steel levels, all critical points are easily accessed and maintained, which also makes monitoring each milling process effortless.

The Roff R-70 comes standard with its steel structures, including a surge bin for maize inlet, cleaning and conditioning equipment (with a conditioning bin), milling, degermination, sifting, conveyors, electrical panel, electrical cabling and all steel structures. And the degermination module and extra conditioning can be removed if a less refined quality is preferred.
All you need to supply to receive your R-70 is the building, a water point and a DB board for your electrical supply.

Quick instalation 2

Our team of technicians will be on-site during installation to make sure you’re set up and ready to start milling within four weeks, as well as train your staff to maintain and operate the mill. Depending on the capacity at which you want to produce, the R-70 can be configured to mill 50 or 100 tons per day.

Designed for the entrepreneur who is looking to enter the maize milling industry, the R-70 produces high-quality maize meal for a competitive but lucrative market. So, you can allow your business to grow with the R-70 without worrying about future constraints.


We’re ready to partner with you on your milling growth journey.


Says maize miller entrepreneurs Josua Pietersen and Isaac Strauss: “The R70 is compact and adjustable and fulfils all our milling needs. Aside from that, it's very user-friendly, and we like the look and feel of the whole mill. More importantly, is the quality of the end-product it produces – this ensures reliability and helps to establish our brand as one you can trust. It's probably the R70's most essential feature.”

For more information on our product shipping times see here.

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