One of the biggest challenges when starting in the maize milling business is deciding which maize milling machine to buy. With the number of available milling machines on offer, you need to consider this decision carefully.

As a maize milling entrepreneur, you need an affordable machine that completes the maize milling process efficiently, while still producing a top-quality product with the least amount of waste.

At Roff, we’ve considered all the requirements you need for a profitable maize milling process, which is why we’ve designed the compact and reliable SP-1 milling machine.


The maize milling process of a compact milling machine

The SP-1 may be small, but it is a highly capable milling machine that can produce top-quality maize meal like any other larger mill. With its easy-to-operate maize milling process, it is the ideal choice for a start-up or small-scale maize milling business.

We’ve simplified the SP-1’s milling process to four essential steps, making it possible to produce high-quality maize meal without a massive upfront investment.

The quality of the finished product is of commercial quality at excellent extraction rates on a very durable machine that’s flexible and can grow as your needs change.

The maize milling process

The SP-1 milling machine possesses the essential steps needed to produce top quality maize meal for your region, without any unnecessary gear to make it expensive. The equipment found on the SP-1 is constantly improved but is simplified to ensure it can operate reliably anywhere and is easily maintained. Flexible versions of the SP-1 can be upgraded with Vitamin Dosers, Extra Bins, Packaging, Extra Mills, *Degerminators, Hammer Mill Modules (for extra fine maize meal) - allowing you to add on as your business grows.

The SP-1 can be operated 24 hours a day, potentially milling 540 tons of maize per month, including the time to do maintenance checks.

* Degermination only in certain regions

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