5 Food Packaging Design Tips to move your Product

5 Food Packaging Design Tips to move your Product

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According to a study published in the journal Psychology & Marketing, attractive packaging can actually cause activity in the brain associated with rewards. On the other hand, poor packaging can create negative emotions — which isn’t what you need if you want your customers to pick your product over its competitors!

Package design has a real impact on our shopping choices. So you need to ensure you have your packaging right and that it suits your voice, your brand and, most importantly, your customers.

Customer in spaza shop with maize meal

Here are five top tips for effective food packaging design to help you move your maize:


When it comes to packaging design, the golden rule is to keep the design consistent with your brand. How do you want people to see your brand and what values drive your business? Natural? Outgoing? Whatever your product/brand stands for, make sure it’s reflected on your packaging.

Originality, character and memorability are at the heart of great brands and of course, great packaging designs. There are hundreds of products out there, all competing for consumers’ attention. The only way to set your brand apart is to be different, but authentic.

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The way your packaging looks is important, but so is what it’s made of. There are many packaging materials used in the food industry, with plastic and paper the most popular when it comes to packaging maize meal. Your pack size will also determine the material – smaller packs are made from a different substrate than the large volumes, for example self-opening bags versus multilayer sacks.


To get repeat business, customers need to trust you. If you have pictures of your product on the packaging, make sure it truly reflects what your product looks like. People don’t like to be misled. Similarly, don’t manipulate your packaging design to make your product look bigger or better value than it is. You might win an initial purchase, but you can guarantee disappointed customers won’t give you repeat business.


Be clear about the product and about the brand. We like no-nonsense communication and direct messages in most areas of life; food packaging should be no different.

Consumers make quick, almost snap decisions, about whether or not to buy a product. Make sure your product design contains all pertinent information customers need to know about your product — what it includes, how to prepare it and what to do with the packaging once they’re done with it. This information will help your customers make an informed decision about whether or not to buy your item.

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You need to balance visual attractiveness with practicality. Your product needs to be safe in the packaging and it needs to maintain a good condition while it’s transported. Different materials will need to be used depending on your product, and different shapes will help your product stay intact. Consider your customers who have to carry their maize home; a handy, bigger bag with handles might just ensure that they choose your product over someone else’s.

Customer leaving spaza shop with maize meal

Take Pringles chips as another example. The cylindrical cans, invented by Fredric Baur, were specifically developed to hold the stackable chips in place and maintain freshness.

Deciding on the right packaging for your product is an exciting part of your journey as a milling entrepreneur. Get it right and you’llreap the rewards!


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