Roff SP-1 maize mill

the complete start-up mill


650kg to 1 ton per hour or 15 - 24 tons per day

  • Price range

    ZAR 679 000.00 to
    2 039 000.00

    US$ 38 500.00 to
    114 000.00 (approx.)

  • Mill footprint in metres (l x w x h)

    16.5 x 8.5 x 5.5

  • Product range

    Maize meal


SP-1 Maize Mill

Specially designed for start-ups by Roff Milling, the SP-1 Maize Mill can be installed quickly and easily, requires minimal training to operate and low start-up cost to produce high-quality maize meal. It is made expressly for small to medium mill operations, small farming communities and entrepreneurs in Africa who won’t compromise on reliability or quality.

A complete mill

The SP-1 Milling Plant includes all the essential features and steps required to easily produce high-quality maize meal for ultimate profitability. You can produce high-quality, packed maize meal in four steps, namely cleaning, conditioning, degermination (optional) and milling. The Roff SP-1 milling plant is everything you need for an affordable business start-up that will help drive your success in the maize milling industry. The installation, commissioning and training of the mill can be completed in only 2 to 3 weeks, allowing you to start your milling journey in record time. It was designed with growth in mind and can easily be expanded on at any time with a range of optional extras.

Extraction rates

69% - 74% for Super or Grade 1 maize meal
82 - 84% for Special or Grade 2 maize meal

The SP-1 is the leading entry-level, 1 ton milling plant offering unmatched extraction rates of up to 84%* at the lowest cost. Depending on configuration, the SP-1 can mill up to 540 tons of maize per month.

*Maize quality dependent **Country dependent

Roff SP-1 Edge 1 Ton Per hour Maize Mill

Easy to operate and quick to install

A supervisor, without previous experience, can be trained in just one week to get the mill up-and-running and keep it running at its peak.

You can run your SP-1 mill for 24 hours a day, minimising labour costs while maximising profitability.

  • Boost your profits

    with class-leading extraction rates

  • Expand your market share with premium quality maize products

  • Save on civil costs

    with our space-saving compact design

  • Benefit from 30+ years of industry experience. You can count on our support

What our clients say

The product that we are getting out of the R-70 is a phenomenal product that speaks for itself. We are competing with products made with European machinery and our customers are still buying our product. The R-70 is a winner in our book – we started off with one, today we own five of these machines.

Zakariya Chiboo

Owner: Yarona Milling, North-West Province, South Africa

Zakariya Chiboo

The Roff machine is what gives us an edge in the market. It gives us exactly what the customer wants.

Evans Killy

Owner, Buffalo Millers, Eldoret, Kenya

Evans Killy

We chose a company close enough to us so that we could do research and development work together. We recognise Roff as a strategic partner that supplies the high quality equipment, support and R&D work whenever we want to do something new. It’s a successful partnership in our opinion.

Awie Griesel

Managing Director: Cereal & Malt, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Awie Griesel

I bought the Roff R-70 Mill because of Roff’s trusted reputation in the industry. When you buy a mill, you can import one which is risky, so I decided to rather choose a local company with the view of building a longstanding relationship with them.

Chris Rossouw

Rossgro Milling, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Chris Rossouw
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Pouring maize from a bag for milling in the SP-1
Roff SP-1 Edge 1 Ton Per hour Maize Mill
Seamless business growth

The SP-1 is the complete package to get you started in maize milling

You can quickly and affordably improve your operation and improve your product and process with optional extras like:

What You Need To Supply

Essential requirements

  • A building

    To accommodate
    16.5m (L) x 8.5m (W) x 5.5m (H)

    The roof needs to be a minimum of 5.5m at the lowest point to accommodate the mill.

  • Water supply to conditioning

    You'll need to be able to supply at least 50 litres of water per hour at 2 bar pressure.

  • Forklifts for installation

    Minimum of 2.5 ton

  • DB Board with power supply to Roff supplied MCC

    (Motor Control Centre Panel)

    You need a qualified electrician to connect all motors, level switches and control panels to your DB Board. Keep in mind that the main supply should be a 150Amp moulded breaker 25kA.

    *Confirm with sales department.


  • Quick turnaround time and installation

    It takes as little as two weeks to set up your SP-1.

  • Ease of use and quick training

    The simplicity of the system makes it easy to use and no formal training is required to operate the system. In most cases an operator can be trained in a week on the operation of the essential processes.

  • Maintenance made easy

    Visits can be scheduled with qualified Roff technicians for regular maintenance.

  • Durable and hardworking

    Operate at full capacity 24 hours a day, mill up to 540 tons of high-quality maize a month.

  • Superior extraction = greater profit

    Roff Mills can deliver an extraction rate of up to 85%, producing more maize meal and less bran. The bran by-product can also be used or sold as animal feed, increasing your profitability.

SP-1 Mill Brochure Image

SP-1 Maize Mill Brochure Download


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Need a higher capacity?

If you need a higher capacity mill, have a look at the Roff R-40, R-70 or C-80, with capacities of 2 -3, 4 or 5 tons per hour, respectively. They produce exceptional quality maize meal at Roff’s best-in-class extraction rates.

A table comparing the facets of 3 products
R-40 Maize-Mill 2 to 3 ton per hour
R-40 Maize Mill - 2 to 3 ton/hour
View details
Roff R-70 Maize Mill
R-70 Maize Mill - 4 to 5 ton/hour
View details
Roff C-80 Maize Mill
C-80 Maize Mill - 5 ton/hour
View details
From ZAR 3,914,000.00
From ZAR 6,380,000.00
From ZAR 17,500,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship to all countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other African countries.

How long will it take before I can start milling?

It depends on where you are and how many orders we have in our queue, but the SP-1 can normally be shipped in 1 month from order. Delivery details will be confirmed on order.


Do you include training?

Yes, we give introductory training during commissioning.

Do I need qualified staff to run the mill?

No, the mill was designed so that a technically-minded person could operate and maintain it.

Payment Options

Do you provide finance?

No, but we will provide you or your lender with all the information needed.

Other Questions