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Yarona Milling maize meal packaged

Yarona Milling – From Humble Beginnings to Maize Milling Success

Maize milling success story Jan Jordaan
Of the many Roff clients who sing the praises of their Roff R-70 Maize Mills, brothers Zakariya, Yoonus and Mohammed Hanif Chiboo might just be its...
The Maize Milling Value Chain in Africa

The Maize Milling Value Chain in Africa

Maize milling value chain Jan Jordaan
The maize milling value chain is an intricate web that highlights the importance of different stages and players in the maize industry. From the cultivation of maize with vital inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and water, to the milling and packaging of the final products, each step plays a significant role in the quality and profitability of maize products. A important point to take into consideration is the transportation and storage of maize; minimizing distances and ensuring proper storage conditions are crucial to cost-effectiveness and quality maintenance. Moreover, the milling process not only yields primary products like maize meal and flour but also generates valuable by-products which can be further utilized. Understanding and optimizing this value chain is indispensable for millers to identify their potential role and contribute effectively to an industry that is crucial to food security in many African communities.
Chris Rossouw, maize miling entrepreneur

Exchanging Rugby Glory for Milling Success – The Rossgro Milling Story

Maize milling success story Jan Jordaan
Former Springbok and member of the 1995 Rugby World Cup winning squad, Chris Rossouw, has also made a name for himself away from the rugby field: a...