C-80 maize mill

versatile, scalable and smart


5 tons per hour or 120 tons per day

  • Price range

    ZAR 17 500 000.00 to
    19 400 000.00

    US$ 970 000.00 to
    1 080 000.00 (approx.)

  • Mill footprint in metres (l x w x h)

    20 x 10 x 10

  • Product range

    Two grades of maize meal or
    Brewers or snack grits


C-80 Maize Mill

Roff’s C-80 Maize Mill enables you to process 5 tons of maize per hour. Sophisticated computer systems allow you to monitor and review capacity and extraction rates in real-time, and adjust settings as needed. Complete control means less downtime, more productivity, and more profits. The C-80 is also versatile, capable of producing two grades of maize meal, or as a grit plant. Think compact, efficient design housed in multi-story frames featuring dust extraction and an offal collection line, and a milling capacity that will enable you to achieve success.

Extraction rates

The C-80 ensures an extraction rate of between 70% and 74% in South Africa – well above the industry norm of 65% - 70%*.

*Maize quality dependent **Country dependent

Roff C-80 Maize mill

Save on civil costs and turnaround time with the C-80

With a footprint of 20m (l) x 10m (w) x 10m (h), the C-80 is compact and economic without any special structures or buildings required.

In most cases an existing warehouse can be repurposed, as long as the roof is at least 11 metres high, directly above the milling area. Standard industrial concrete floors are sufficient; no special flooring is required.

  • Boost your profits

    with class-leading extraction rates

  • Expand your market share with premium quality maize products

  • Save on civil costs

    with our space-saving compact design

  • Benefit from 30+ years of industry experience. You can count on our support.

What our clients say

Profitable extraction rates, performance data and back-ups were key in selecting the C-80 Maize Mill.

Carl Crous and Pieter van Heerden

Supa7 Milling, North-West Province, South Africa

Supa7 Milling team

The Roff machine is what gives us an edge in the market. It gives us exactly what the customer wants.

Evans Killy

Owner, Buffalo Millers, Eldoret, Kenya

Evans Killy
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Accurate measurement makes effective management possible

The C-80 is equipped with automated control features:

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Sequential start and shutdown of system
  • Monitors product flow via process weighers
  • Alarm monitoring
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Monitors the process
  • Visual representation of the mill
Process weighers
  • The process weigher supplies management data of capacity and extraction rates.

Hands handling maize meal
Roff C-80 Maize mill
Turnkey Solution

Roff provides a comprehensive turnkey package

This includes the mill, final product bins, electrical panels, installation, commissioning, training, and delivery.

  • Extra bins for milling at night with only a supervisor on duty.
  • 5 - 50kg paper bag packing options.

C-80 Milling Plant Floorplan

C-80 maize mill floorplan
What You Need To Supply

Essential requirements

  • A building

    To accommodate
    20m (L) x 10m (W) x 10m (H)

    The roof needs to be a minimum of 11m at the lowest point to accommodate the mill.

  • Grain silos


  • Water supply to conditioning

  • Forklifts for installation

    Minimum of 2.5 ton

  • DB Board with power supply to Roff supplied MCC

    (Motor Control Centre Panel)


Scheduled visits are available for regular maintenance by Roff’s trained and qualified technicians. The built-in maintenance floors allow for space and easy accessibility for technicians to do repairs and maintenance.

Emergency stops and ground floor lights offer increased safety and visibility.


  • A turnkey solution

    Roff offers a turnkey solution that includes the mill, final product bins, panels, electrical installation and commissioning, training and and delivery.

  • Quick turnaround time and installation

    Turnaround time is estimated at 6 to 8 months from order. The installation can be completed within 30 days. Commissioning, training, final handover and wrap up can be completed in an additional 5 weeks.

  • Switch between products

    You have the option to switch between first and second grade maize meal or to have the mill designed as a grit plant.

C-80 maize mill video thumbnail
C-80 Mill Brochure Image

C-80 Maize Mill Brochure Download


Calculate Your Potential Profitability

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Need a different capacity?

If you need a different capacity mill, have a look at the Roff R-40 or R-70, with capacities of 2 - 3 and 4 tons per hour, respectively. Both produce exceptional quality maize meal at Roff’s best-in-class extraction rates.

A table comparing the facets of 3 products
Roff SP-1 Edge 1 Ton Per hour Maize Mill
SP-1 Maize Mill - 650kg to 1 ton/hour
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R-40 Maize-Mill 2 to 3 ton per hour
R-40 Maize Mill - 2 to 3 ton/hour
View details
Roff R-70 Maize Mill
R-70 Maize Mill - 4 to 5 ton/hour
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From ZAR 679,000.00
From ZAR 3,914,000.00
From ZAR 6,380,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship to all countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other African countries.

How long will it take before I can start milling?

It depends on where you are and how many orders we have in our queue, but the C-80 can normally be shipped in 6 - 8 months from order. Delivery details will be confirmed on order.


Do you include training?

Yes, we give introductory training during commissioning.

Do I need qualified staff to run the mill?

Experienced operators recommended due to complexities of the mill.

Payment Options

Do you provide finance?

No, but we will provide you or your lender with all the information needed.

Other Questions