Roff R70 R-70 Maize Roller Mill South Africa 2 to 4 ton per hour

Best in Class profitability

The Roff R-70 is a compact mill developed for the entrepreneur who is looking to enter the maize meal market with a very cost effective process. Roff's R-70 enables the client to produce super or special* maize meal at a capacity of 50 to 100 tons per day, depending on the configuration of the mill setup. The plant can be set up at 50 tons and easily upgraded to 100 tons per day, or installed at 100 tons per day from the outset. With the R-70, Roff has implemented the proven MK6D roller mills in the heart of the plant for milling, and designed a new platform that is not only compact, but also upgradable to a 100 ton per day plant.

Roff R-70 2 to 4 four ton maize mill

A compact machine

True to Roff tradition, one of the key benefits of the R-70 mill is that it's a proper compact machine supplied with a steel structure for the first floor. The R-70 has a footprint of 112 square meters and is only 6.8 meters high.

The R-70 comes standard with a surge bin for maize inlet, cleaning and conditioning equipment (with a conditioning bin), degermination, milling, sifting, conveyors, electrical panel, electrical cabling and all steel structures. All that the client has to provide is the building, water point and electrical supply to the panel.

Simple yet functional

One of Roff's most important goals has always been to build simple, high-quality machines, and the R-70 is no exception. Every roller box features its own sifter directly beneath to ensure an easily managed process.

Since the plant is installed over only two levels, all the critical points are easily accessible and the miller can view all the processes with the greatest of ease. All the critical points are ventilated to prevent condensation and dust – the process is almost entirely dust-free.

Roff R-70 4-ton-maize roller mill 360 walkthrough tour.jpg

Competitive advantage

Those in search of an all-in-one maize mill at a very competitive price, do not have to look any further than the Roff R-70.

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Roff R-70 Kevin Kieser Client R-70 Video

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