The ideal maize meal mill for community milling

The ideal maize meal mill for community milling

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Roff’s Posho maize mill is a compact unit developed specifically for successful community milling. The innovative Posho gives small-scale milling entrepreneurs the freedom to provide an invaluable service to their local communities while generating a profitable income.

The simplified roller milling technology is designed to bring the mill to the consumer. This makes it the prefect mill for supplying quality maize meal and selling the by-product as animal feed in rural areas. Here’s why:


Maize millers say business success depends on a top-quality product. Market research shows that rural consumer preferences are changing, and customers now demand high-quality maize meal.

With its state-of-the-art roller technology, the Posho mill consistently produces a high-quality, fine-textured grain. The Posho makes use of a combination of two sets of rollers and a redesigned screen. By adding a small amount of water to the maize only 10 minutes before milling, the rollers can remove almost all germ and bran, and the screens effectively separate it from the maize meal. The result is a tastier, less gritty and fresher product, that the community will prefer over hammer-milled meal.

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Being the centre of the supply chain, maize millers are key role players in the maize meal industry. But small-scale milling businesses attract costs that are 1.6 times higher than large brand milling companies.

With the affordable Posho mill, you can reduce costs. Capable of producing two products, the Posho has a high extraction rate: 85% maize meal for human consumption and 15% bran for animal feed. It can produce 637kg of maize meal per hour, which allows you to cut out the middlemen and mill directly for the rural markets. This enables them to put food on the table at half the price of commercially packed maize meal from retail stores.

Requiring only 9.5 kW of power, all you need to provide for you pre-assembled, easy-to-operate Posho mill is a location, water and electrical supply.

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To find out more about Roff’s Posho mill and its specifications, click here.

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