Roff Unveils a Patented Degerminator and Higher Capacity Pre-Cleaner

Roff unveiled two new game-changing products at Nampo 2022

Koot Jordaan |

Bothaville, Free State – Roff Milling took the opportunity presented by the return of Grain SA NAMPO Harvest Day 2022 to unveil two newcomers to the ever expanding Roff product range: the patented Roff DGX 155/175 Degerminator and the higher capacity Roff CLR 107 Cleaner. 

Following a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NAMPO 2022 took place from 16 to 20 May 2022 in Bothaville, Free State. It is the biggest agricultural show of its kind in Africa, and therefore provides the ideal platform for exhibitors such as Roff to showcase new and upcoming products. 

Roff DGX 155/175 Degerminator

The new Roff  DGX 155/175 Degerminator

Roff’s newest patented horizontal degerminator, the DGX 155/175, promises maize millers improved extraction rates – a key focus area for Roff and every miller looking to optimise profits.   

The DGX features a patented degermination chamber that ensures gentle detachment of bran and germ from the endosperm in maize, resulting in improved extraction rates. The new design also allows for consistent Amps during operation, making it much easier to adjust and operate, plus ensuring much lower maintenance costs than comparable products. 

Says Koot Jordaan, Sales Leader at Roff Milling: “With the higher rainfall in South Africa this season expecting to yield a much softer maize kernel, we are especially excited about the DGX's capability to maintain a higher extraction rate.” 

Whilst the DGX 155 has a 55kW motor and can deliver an output of 3 500 to 4 500 kg per hour, the DGX 175 boasts a 75kW motor and has an output of 5 000 to 6 000 kg per hour. It is also compact, and easy to operate and maintain. 

The new Roff DGX 155/175 Degerminator is a game-changer for the maize miller set on increasing his extraction rates, and reducing maintenance costs to as low as $500 for every 10 000 tons. 

Roff CLR 107 Cleaner

Roff CLR 107 Pre-Cleaner

The second Roff product to be unveiled at NAMPO 2022 was the CLR 107 Cleaner. It is a higher capacity cleaner with a pre-cleaning output of up to 18 tons per hour, and a fine cleaning output of 7 tons per hour.  

It can be used for different grains, with three self-cleaning, easily interchangeable screens making it extremely easy to maintain. It’s also dust-free, easy to install, while the oscillation action results in low vibration. 

Later this month, Roff will launch the CLR 107 Cleaner as a standalone unit complete with a structure, aspirator fan and cyclone. 


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