Calculate your success with Roff's FREE profit calculator

Calculate your success with Roff's FREE profit calculator

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Africans have some of the most positive attitudes toward entrepreneurship in the world. They’re admired in Africa. And yet, most start-up businesses fail within the first four years. Every year ambitious entrepreneurs close the doors on their dreams. Why?

There are many contributing factors to why small businesses go under in Africa. Starting a business for all the wrong reasons is the first mistake. Starting a business isn’t easy, and it’s not something you should attempt out of desperation. Yes, you’re beginning your enterprise intending to make money, but your business should exist for more than profit alone. A deeper reason will be the difference that gets you through the tough days.

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When you’re developing a business, you are building the entity that will produce maize meal. Many entrepreneurs focus on the product too much when they should focus on building the business. A mill is a considerable investment. No business can afford to choose the wrong mill. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make that could make or break your business. And most entrepreneurs do not have the start-up capital to afford any errors.

One sure-fire way of avoiding that mistake is with a Roff mill. Our mills are class-leaders with superior extraction rates and durability. With us, you have the means of making a high-quality product that your customers will line up for. It’s still a crucial part of your business, but once you know how you will make a great product, you must turn all your attention to how you will be profitable. The only way to do that is with a solid business plan.

In many cases, businesses fail because of a lack of planning. A business plan lays out how the company will run and make a profit. This stage is often overlooked, and without it, success will always stay a dream.

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As an entrepreneur, you will realise that you cannot do it alone. Even if you’re already a successful businessperson, there is know-how in milling you won’t have. Not without decades in the maize milling industry. As a start-up entrepreneur, you don’t have the luxury of learning from years of trial and error. And that is where Roff comes in.

Just like the rest of Africa, at Roff, we admire resourceful, self-starting hard workers. We want nothing more than to see your business grow and succeed from the very start. With Roff, you don’t just get a class-leading mill. You get a partner with nearly 30 years’ experience in helping small to large businesses reach new levels of success in the maize milling industry.

One way we support entrepreneurs is by advising them on how to develop a solid business plan. And part of that is determining how you are going to be profitable. So, we developed a free profit calculator you can use to crunch all the numbers to calculate your success. Try it out. You won’t be sorry you did.

Once you’ve established how your business will make a profit, it’s a matter of implementing your business plan. One of our technical advisors will assist you with that stage by overseeing the installation, set-up and training of operators. Not only that, we’ll be available for maintenance and servicing, so your mill will run as well as it did the day it was built and tested before we shipped it to you.

Whether you’re starting or upgrading your maize mill, contact us, and we will be happy to guide you on the road to success from the beginning. At Roff, we drive your success.


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