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Complete Mills

SP-1 : 1 ton/hour Maize Mill - THE COMPLETE MILL

Roff SP-1 Maize Mill 1 ton/hour

R 955,000.00 - Save 10%

R 1,061,000.00 - Normal Price

The SP-1 includes all the essential steps required to produce high-quality maize meal

  • Included Equipment (Ex-Factory):
  • x1 C6 Cleaner
  • x1 Conditioning Conveyor
  • x1 520 Degerminator
  • x1 MK6D Roller Mill
  • x2 Product Bins
  • x5 Screw Conveyors
  • DOL Starters
  • Excluded:
  • Installation and Commisioning
  • Training
  • Electrical Installation
  • Shipping
Roff SP-1 Maize Mill

Roller Mills

Roff MK6D Maize Roller Mill

R 392,000.00 - Save 10%

R 436,600.00 - Normal Price

  • Included:
  • Starter Panel

Performance: Production rate of maize – 1000kg/h

The MK 6D is ideal for refined maize meal produced at a high output level. This machine is compact and easy to operate. Up to four MK 6D machines can be installed in tandem to increase production and this process can be used in conjunction with a Degerminator to produce super refined maize meal.



Paper Packer 100M

Pricing: 1 Eur @ R16.20

  • EUR 243,660.00 or R3,947,292.00 - Save 7%
  • Normal Price EUR 262,000.00
  • Delivery CIF Nearest Port

1 kg @ 65 bags per minute up to 2 kg @ 50 bags per minute

  • Included:
  • Installation and Commisioning
  • Training
  • Excluded:
  • Aspiration @ R 100,000.00
  • Ink Jet Printer @ R74,250.00

Flexible packing machine can handle bags that vary from 1000g to 2000g but with more production capacity by filling and closing two bags at the same time. Production capacity can reach up to 65 bags per minute.


Roff P6 Grain Pre-Cleaner

R 34,000.00 - Save 10%

R 37,800.00 - Normal Price

  • Included:
  • DOL Starters

Performance: Cleaning rate of maize 4000kg/h

For pre-cleaning maize, wheat, and other grains. The machine consists of an inlet hopper and screening section with two screens. Ideal for general grain cleaning and medium capacity rubble in milling operations.


Roff Gate Outlet Storage Bin

R 20,610.00 - Save 10%

R 22,900.00 - Normal Price

  • Included:
  • Gate Outlet - Manual

Capacity: 2.5 Cubic Meters

Used for the storage of grain or final products. This unit consist of a bin and an access ladder, and manual shut off gate. This Bin is ideal for use in small milling operations as a flow control bin or as a packing bin.

Screw Conveyor Outlet Storage Bin

Roff Screw Conveyor Outlet Storage Bin

R 36,270.00 - Save 10%

R 40,300.00 - Normal Price

  • Included:
  • Screw Feed Outlet with motor
  • DOL Starter

Capacity: 2.5 Cubic Meters

The Screw Feed Conveyor Bin is used for the packaging and storage of grain or final products. This unit consist of a bin, an access ladder, screw feed outlet with motor that can be adjusted to control the product outflow. This bin is ideal for use in small milling operations as a flow control bin or as a packing bin.


Spreaderbox for 419 Mills and Crushers

Roff Spreaderbox Upgrade for 419 Mills and Crushers

R 23,400.00 - Save 10%

R 26,000.00 - Normal Price

  • Included:
  • 0.34kW Motor

Performance: Adjustable, up to 3750kg/h for maize

The 419 Spreader box and Hopper upgrade evenly spreads the product across the length of the roller using a feeding roller at a constant rate that is adjustable. All 419 crushers and 419 MK mills can be upgraded.

Spares and Consumables

Roff Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Pricing: Save 10%

  • 3.5 Mesh: R424.00 - Normal Price R471.00
  • 26 Mesh: R231.00 - Normal Price R256.00
  • 32 Mesh: R208.00 - Normal Price R231.00

Stainless steel wire mesh cloth is utilized in almost all areas of industry, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, mechanical engineering, mining, and food processing and is produced from stainless steel metal wire on specialized weaving machines.

Jacob Ducting and Spouting

Roff Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Pricing: Save 10%

  • Welded pipes 175dia 1m 1mm pow.coated : R288
  • Normal Price R320
  • 30deg Fork 120dia 1m 1.5mm pow.coated : R590
  • Normal Price R656
  • Quick Connect Pullring for 1-2mm pipes - Galvanised 175dia : R204
  • Normal Price R226
  • U-Shaped Seals for 1-2mm pipes - EPDM 175dia : R83
  • Normal Price R93
  • Quick Connect Pullring for 1-2mm pipes - Galvanised 120dia : R161
  • Normal Price R179
  • U-Shaped Seals for 1-2mm pipes - EPDM 120dia : R43
  • Normal Price R48

The modular system developed by JACOB features over 8,000 standard articles alone and combines versatile options for custom designs with simple assembly.

Rollers and Fluting

Roff Rollers

New 419 Rollers Fluted to Specs:

R 10,440.00 - Save 13%
R 12,000.00 - Normal Price

Roll Re-Fluting to Specs:

319 Re-Fluting - R 600.00 - Save 20%
R 750.00 - Normal Price
419 Re-Fluting - R 747.00 - Save 25%
R 996.00 - Normal Price


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