Dust Control, Aspiration and Pneumatic Bulk Conveying

Roff manufactures a range of locally developed turnkey systems for aspiration, dust extraction and collection, as well as pneumatic conveying of bulk dry goods.

Roff Process Aspiration Systems


Removes unwanted particles from processes to increase the quality of your end-product.

Roff Dust Control and Extraction Systems

Dust control and extraction

Reduce exposure to dust-explosions and health risks, while prolonging the life of machinery and motors.

Roff Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying

Bulk goods conveying with pressurized air is flexible and requires very little maintenance.

Process Dust control, extraction and collection

Q: Why is effective dust control important?


A: Combustible fine material can cause serious damage when it mixes with air, catches fire and explodes. A dust explosion is considered a deadly hazard and can occur in a variety of workplaces, from grain silos to woodworking factories.

Turn-Key Projects

Every system is custom designed

Very few systems are the same, so we custom design the complete project,  from the fan and cyclone size to the pipe diameter in the manifold.

Jaco van der Westhuizen, Monsanto

Monsanto Testimonial

"I would really recommend Roff as a company to anyone because of their dedication, because of the way they would engage with me delivering on this project.

Whatever they promised at the beginning of this project, they did not only deliver, but also executed it beyond my expectations."

Jaco van der Westhuizen - Process and Maintenance Engineer, Monsanto EMEA - Thobontle

Why choose Roff?

Our systems are purpose desigened, manufactured for durability and functionality.

Durable and Efficient

Cyclone based systems are power efficient, effective and require very little maintenance.

Jacob Quick Connect Pull Rings

Toolless Maintenance

Jacob Quick Connect pull-rings make cleaning and maintenance tool free

In-house Installation

Highly experienced teams keep projects on schedule, safely.


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