Degerminator 520

The Degerminator 520 is the ideal machine for detaching bran from the endosperm in maize. The machine consists of an inlet hopper, feeding screw, degerminator, separation screens and two aspiration units. This machine is best suited to small milling operations where super refined maize meal is required.

Roff 520 Degerminator


  • Adjustable plates for various size maize kernels
  • Long lasting durable plates
  • Adjustable discharge valve
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Cost effective

Technical Data


    800-1200kg/h- Degermenation rate of maize

  • Motors x 5 @ 380V

    1 x 22kW

    3 x 1.1kW

    1 x 1.5kW

  • Weight

    ± 1000kg
  • Shipping Dimensions

    2500 X 1400 X 1200mm - Crate 1

    3200 X 1500 X 3000mm - Crate 2

    L X W X H

Roff Crusher 150 Brochure


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Roff Degerminator 520 Application


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