Cleaners At ROFF, our cleaners are the ideal machines for pre-cleaning various grains at small to medium capacities and can be used in general grain cleaning.

Conditioning Conveyer

The Conditioning Conveyer is the ideal machine for mixing grain
with water. This machine consists of a rotary shaft with mixing paddles.


The Degerminator series is the ideal machines for detaching bran and germ from the endosperm in maize. The machines consist of a conical inner cone which rotates and rubs the maize kernels against an outer cone

Milling machines

ROFF’s crushers are the ideal machines for cracking and crushing hard grains into variable grit sizes. The machines are compact and easy to operate which makes it ideal for use in stock feed, plants and larger diaries, piggeries and feedlots.


Mini Sifter The ROFF 800 Sifter (mini sifter) can separate up to three products
in the milling process where a large capacity is required. This machine
consists of eight sieving frames and the stack can be configured to
achieve various product flow. The ROFF 800 (mini sifter) can be used to
increase sifting passages in milling operations and general sieving
applications such as tea and spices.

Storage bin

Storage Bin The Roff Bin is used for the storage of grain or final products. This unit consist of a bin and an access ladder, shut of gate and removable legs for easy transport. This bin is ideal for use in small milling operations as a flow control bin or as a packing bin.

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