24 October 2017

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Roff Industries introduces the R-10

After the success achieved with the R-70, ROFF Industries decided to introduce the ROFF R-10 – a compact maize mill that can produce super maize meal at 24 ton per day and 540 ton per month.

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23 October 2017

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The evolution, dispersal, and consumption of maize span the better part of the past eight thousand years of human cultural development. Until European exploration in the Americas began in 1492, maize was a New World domesticate with an exclusively American distribution and consumption. Maize is considered as the most important grain crop in South Africa as harvest and production levels can have a noticeable impact on economic growth and food security. Since the deregulation of the maize price in 1991, the market has mainly been influenced by market forces such as supply and demand.
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27 September 2017

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Turning Maize into Money

Despite an increase in maize production this year, South African farmers face heightened uncertainty for their hard-earned crop. The dwindling maize price also offers no reassurance for many farmers still recovering from the long drought. While many feel vulnerable, others have decided to take matters into their own hands by means of adding value to their existing crop and adding new lines of revenue. 
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8 August 2017

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Maize Mills – Hammermills – Crushers

Roff has been serving the maize milling community since 1991 – call us today if you require a high quality, easy to use & affordable maize milling plants or agri processing components.
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